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During our online sales training, we will acknowledge the most common mistakes Insurance Agents will make with ‘advertised scheduled appointments’. Statistically across the nation telemarketing firms has less than an average of 10%; of repeating clients.

We are proud to announce our clienteles triples the national average by 30% of repeating customers. This is unheard of in our business. One of our techniques is to advise our clients prior to investing in our services on how to be successful with our appointments.

Call in Advance on Scheduled Appointment?

Our training program is at NO COST to you. All we ask is you the Agent follow our system to providing quality service in the field.

About Medicare Lead Generation

Have you called on a list of people you received from your marketing manager who covered the cost of each lead at a rate of either $0.02 or $0.03 to a list company? Have you ever purchased internet leads and spent $20.00 for each lead and received a response after calling on them such as, “Yeah, I have already gotten 5 calls from you guys, take me off your list”. Have you experienced the universal challenge of cold calling? Have you spent thousands of dollars on a mailing campaign and only to receive a response of 1 to 2% (best case scenario)? Or get a normal response of “Just mail me the information”. OR “Someone has already been by”, OR just plain “I’m not interested”. We understand – we receive many different types of objections.

Our scheduled appointments are scheduled by a professional staff of appointment setters who have years of experience with seniors. They find seniors who are interested in hearing about upgrades that have been made in the Medicare program this year. Each senior we schedule appointments with are expecting a Medicare supplement insurance specialist to stop by and explain these updates to them.

Our list of leads is in compliance with the federal do not call registry rules and regulations. When our appointment setter’s call each lead they make sure they have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B for verification of qualifying for Medicare Plan or Medicare Part C. The appointments are interested in learning more about ways for them to save money on their Medicare Supplement plan. The Appointment Setter also verifies the address and time that would be most convenient for them to see the agent. Do we sell Medicare programs for you over the phone? – NO. Can we help you get your foot in the door to allow you to sell? – YES!

Bad Habits
Simply stated: ‘Don’t call ahead to confirm an appointment for any reason’. (they might cancel on you). If you are an agent who prefers to call each appointment you receive, our program will not be beneficial for you and frankly speaking we do not want you to waste your money. We would be more than happy to sell you our phone leads at a lesser cost to you.