Sales Tips

Medicare Leads TipsThis sales training tool will assist insurance agents who have recently started in the insurance sales industry and those who have been in the insurance business for more than 2, 5, 10 or even 30 years although recently have only been in a concentrated market of selling to ‘Medicare recipients’ or Seniors who are interesting in other insurance products.

You can relate these sales tips to Final Expense insurance plans sales, medical or non-medical home care sales.

How to Work Schedules Appointments?

This System is simple and full of common sense techniques and advice. Very few Telemarketing firms specialize in ‘Medicare advantage or supplement scheduled appointments’ for certified insurance agents. Why do you ask?

Telemarketing firms understand there is a high risk mostly: Agents are not knowledgeable on how to work preset appointments usually due to not receiving preparation or guidance from their company on how to run appointments.

We are here to guide insurance agents on following the most professional and successful techniques our Agents use to be lucrative in this business. In this online training, we will focus on the following informative topics:

A. What is a scheduled appointment?
B. How to approach a ‘scheduled appointment’.
C. How or why a Medicare Advantage plan benefits our seniors?

It is very important for an agent to have a full arsenal of products to provide to Medicare Recipients? Why is it important to target certain income levels and how can it increase sales?

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