Diabetic Supply Leads

Diabetic Supplies List LeadsOver a decade InSol® of North Texas is able to generate a diabetic supplies leads for diabetic supply providers in 48 states.

Diabetic Leads from InSol® are generated by a professional staff of a high tech call center who contacts seniors who has diabetes and interested in diabetic testing, diabetic managed care and diabetes testing supplies. 

Marketing Solutions

If you are a diabetic supply company or agency, specializing in diabetic supplies, we can provide you with diabetic supply leads that are recorded and call verified for the following information: Name, Address, City, State, Zip, and Phone Number. Verified qualifying questions are asked during the call are: Do you have diabetes? Within our daily feedback from our current customers these seniors are 90 percent interested in speaking to a Diabetic Supplier and will want to know how you can offer assistance to their diabetic needs.

Many professionals turn to telemarketing leads to build their business. We work with both insurance agents and diabetic supply companies with a target market of seniors with special needs. The best way our company can assist you to meet your sales goal is to provide you with qualified diabetic supply leads through preset appointments or referral phone leads.