Medicare ListsMedicare list leads, Turning 65 list (individuals who 64 and ready to receive Medicare or individuals who just turned 65) leads and Medicare supplement leads now available for insurance agents in 48 States. Medicare list leads have been screened for Part A and Part B.

You also can choose the desired selections: Income levels ($0.00 – $15,000; $15,000 – $20,000 or $20,000 and up, territory by counties, age brackets. Our Medicare list leads will be delivered to you personally in a Microsoft Excel format once your order is confirmed.

List Criteria

All Medicare Lists have following information:
First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, Street Addresses, Apartment number(if applicable). City, state, zip code, county
Phone Number (all leads will have telephone number)
Income Levels: $30,000 annual income level and up, Medicare Part A and B.

Turning 65 List

Turning 65 list leads are exclusively available for licensed insurance professionals in 48 states. Our turning 65 list leads are scrubbed against the FTC and State Attorney General Do Not Call lists every 90 days. Our telemarketing data list is 100 percent affordable and exclusive. No more sharing with other competing agents!