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    Medicare Leads - Appointments

    Sales Associate is a telemarketing company based in Texas since 2006. We generate quality Medicare leads in the form of preset appointments such as Turning 65 Leads (Seniors 64 and 65 years old), Medicare supplement leads, dual eligible leads and special needs as well as Home Care Non-Medical and Home Health Care marketing lead services.

    Sales Associate has the highest quality trained staff within the market. Staffing is solely based on client directives for prospect generation such as yours. Our market allows for quick and effective training and staffing of a high quality work force.

    Here you will be able to order absolutely exclusive and affordable telemarketing Medicare leads in the form of preset appointments or phone referral leads.

    To accommodate a large customer base our companies have a huge online support which will assist to host all call center service operations and reduce cost of generated Medicare supplement leads.
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    Why We Are Different?

    We understand ordering Medicare leads services from other lead vendors can be expensive with hourly rate billing which is usually standard of $27.50 per hour for minimum of 50 hours with no guarantee they can accomplish your preset appointment request within the time frame you requested.

    We will not provide hourly billing only one fixed rate per preset appointment. We guarantee we will fulfill your order and allow you to design your own schedule.

    Motivation and retention is handled by our Quality Assurance Department to ensure delivery of high quality Medicare advantage leads services to licensed agents and Home Health Care Providers.

    We are able to generate an impeccable Medicare leads services with 10 years in the insurance leads generating industry. For many years, we have collected a database of consumers in the particular ages and groups, areas and income levels and so on.